Wednesday 4 October 2017

Vlog: Nicki's Top Ten...Shakespeare Plays

In today's Top Ten vlog I share my favourite Shakespeare plays! Which do you think will be top of my list?


  1. I adore Shakespeare, too. :) I also love getting lost in the language, the poetry of it all. Measure for Measure is one of my favorites, too, as is Hamlet and Richard II (I adored Ben Winslow. Henry IV would be among the top ten (I drooled at the sight of Jeremy Irons and Tom Holland both playing the lead parts, all that amazing acting!), plus Henry V (Kenneth Branagh blew me away when he played him). A Midsummer Night's Dream and King Lear are also among my favorites, plus I've got a soft spot for The Merchant of Venice, despite its controversial nature (I actually imagined some of my favorite anime characters from Naruto in the main roles, of all things! :)) Julius Caesar is another favorite, since I enjoyed Cassius's emotional seduction of Brutus and Antony's silver tongued manipulation of the crowd. Timon of Athens (I hope I'm remembering the title) is one that struck me quite forcibly in the language and the quiet tragedy of the story.

    1. Hi Kari. Thanks for sharing your favourites. I see we overlap on a few! :)