Thursday 2 November 2017

How I Write: 3 Tips for Dealing with Bad Reviews

3 Tips for Dealing with Bad Reviews

As a writer you will face your fair share of bad reviews. Of course, we’d all love nothing but four- and five-star ratings, but the truth is, not everyone likes the same things, so all works will have their fans and their detractors. Nonetheless, there are three things to remember when dealing with negative comments.

1) Don’t Engage
No matter the temptation, don’t respond to denounce or deny negative comments. If you do, things can quickly escalate, and no matter who is in the wrong and who in the right, you will be the one who comes off looking bad.

2) Block if Necessary
If the comments move from simple negative statements about your book to personal attacks and/or abuse, remember you can block the perpetrator and/or report them. Accepting that someone doesn’t like your book, and taking constructive criticism on board, is not the same as putting up with bullying.

3) Don’t be Discouraged
When first seen, a negative review can feel like the end of the world, but remember it’s only the opinion of one person and doesn’t mean no one will appreciate your work. If you get several negative comments referencing the same thing, take the time to consider them in the light of constructive feedback. Perhaps you’ll gain some insight into how to improve your writing in your next book.

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