Friday 23 March 2018

Book Review: Angel's Feather (Flyer Chronicles #1) by Alina Popescu

Title: Angel's Feather (Flyer Chronicles #1)
Alina Popescu
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eBook - MOBI
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How far would you go for the one you love? How much of yourself would you sacrifice? Trapped on a decaying Earth and cut off from the rest of the Universe, humans are no longer allowed to leave their planet. Break this one law and you die: a penalty enforced by flyers, aliens who look like angels of long-lost religions. Michael, the flyers' leader, is the Punisher who carries out every public execution. Adam, a young human with near-perfect memory, is committed to rebuilding Earth and a true believer in the flyers' dominion. While Adam's support for flyers isn't a secret, his deep love for Michael is. Not even Michael knows, for his kind never take human lovers, and to Adam, they are too far above him to reach. In his broken and unwelcoming world, Adam's love can only lead to pain, loss, and disaster. Yet there is no force in the huge expanse of stars and galaxies that can stop Adam from following Michael to the end of existence. Not even Adam's own beliefs. (Goodreads Synopsis)

Alina Popescu's Flyer Chronicles is a series that re-imagines angels not as celestial beings but as alien life forms, and in the first book, Angel's Feather, we meet flyer Michael and human Adam as they form a bond and develop feelings for one another, within the dystopian society the Earth has become. I enjoyed the premise of the story very much, and I also liked the tension between Michael and Adam as their relationship changed. The ending was certainly intriguing, and it made me interested in reading on to book two, to see what will happen next. At times, I would have liked a little more background information, especially on the flyers; however, since this is a series, that may well be forthcoming in future books. On the prose side of things, there were a few typos and grammar niggles that jumped out at me, but nothing major, and I do tend to notice these things, given my job. If you are looking for a MM tale with a sci-fi twist and an interesting concept, you should give this series a try.