Monday 5 March 2018

Book Review: Phoenix Fire by S. D. Grimm

Title: Phoenix Fire
S. D. Grimm
Entangled Teen
Publication Date:
5 March 2018
eBook - EPUB
YA / Fantasy
ARC via NetGalley

After spending her life in foster care, Ava has finally found home. But all it takes is a chance encounter with hot nerd Wyatt Wilcox for it to unravel.

Now, things are starting to change. First, the flashes of memories slowly creeping in. Memories of other lives, lives that Wyatt is somehow in. Then, the healing. Any cut? Gone.

But when Cade and Nick show up, claiming to be her brothers, things get even weirder. They tell her she’s a Phoenix, sent to protect the world from monsters—monsters she never knew existed. It’s a little hard to accept. Especially when they tell her she has to end the life of a Phoenix turned rogue, or Cade will die.

With Wyatt’s increasingly suspicious behavior, Ava’s determined to figure out what he’s hiding. Unless she can discover Wyatt’s secret in time and complete her Phoenix training, she’ll lose the life, love, and family she never thought she could have.
(Goodreads Synopsis)

Phoenix Fire is a story with a lot of potential. In a saturated market, it presents a fresh idea in the fantasy genre, and overall I enjoyed the premise. I did come to care for Ava; however, I had more difficulty connecting with Cade and Nick. There is a lot to process in this story, with info flying at you hard and fast, and with jumps from the past to the present as the characters remember former lives. I had no trouble keeping up with this; nevertheless, it did make Phoenix Fire a book in which you really have to concentrate on every page, as opposed to being a relaxing bedtime read where you can skim through the pages. In the end, I am giving this 3.5 stars. At times there was a little too much going on, making the plot convoluted, yet it was an original new idea, and I would not be averse to reading future books in the series, to see how things work out for the characters. Give this one a try if you are looking for a YA read with a difference.

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