Wednesday 18 April 2018

Book Review: Gaming and IRL Boss Fights by Alina Popescu

Title: Gaming and IRL Boss Fights (Famous on the Internet #3)
Author: Alina Popescu

Publication Date: 16 April 2018
eBook - EPUB
MM/Contemporary Romance
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An internet famous geek. A sexy landlord who hates him. An unlikely duo with slim chances of beating the romance game.
Simon Cromfield’s life seems perfect from the outside. His gaming channels made him an internet celebrity, he has great friends, and he’s just moved into a luxurious apartment. Yet his gorgeous landlord did a one-eighty turn and decided he hates Simon, his family thinks he’s a total failure, and some of his fans act like they own him.

Branden Dahlman has enough on his plate. He doesn’t need that pest, Simon, who became the bane of Branden’s existence on top of a large estate he never wanted and a family that drives him insane. As he unleashes his resentment on Simon, the sexy bastard insists on proving Branden wrong about everything.

In an unlikely turn of events, when Simon hits his lowest, Branden is there to support him. But will this new-found thing between them last when the pressures of Simon’s world come crashing in? (Goodreads Synopsis)

I've enjoyed all the books in Alina Popescu's Famous on the Internet series, and Gaming and IRL Boss Fights is no exception. Simon and Branden are both engaging characters, and I loved their interactions as they shifted back and forth between romance and rows. I read the book in a single sitting, as I couldn't put it down, wanting to know how things would work out for them. If you are looking for a quick MM romance read with plenty of gaming geekiness, then I would recommend Gaming and IRL Boss Fights. 4.5 stars