Wednesday 16 May 2018

Book Review: To Kill A Sorcerer (Immortal Montero #1) by Greg Mongrain

Title: To Kill A Sorcerer (Immortal Montero #1)
Greg Mongrain

Crescent Moon Books

Publication Date: 19 July 2016
eBook - EPUB
Paranormal Thriller
ARC via NetGalley


In this debut book, the festivity of Christmas in Los Angeles turns unseasonably terrifying when two teenage girls are slaughtered in grotesque, ritualistic fashion. Tracking this serial killer is immortal Sebastian Montero, a timeless vigilante determined to find the man before LAPD so he may dispense his own brand of medieval justice. But when Sebastian catches the killer in the middle of a third bizarre murder, he discovers to his shock the man he pursues is more than human—and quite capable of snuffing Sebastian’s eternal flame.

On the whole, I found To Kill A Sorcerer to be an engaging read. I enjoyed Montero as a character, with his charm and humour, and I liked that he also had his flaws, as so many paranormal heroes are made out to be too perfect for belief. I also appreciated the fact that we got to see his budding friendship with his fellow detective, alongside the romance with Aliena. The book's plot was gripping, with good pacing between action scenes and more thoughtful, quiet moments. Certainly, I was always keen to turn the page and discover what would happen next. The only weak point for me was the ending which, after all the build up, felt as if it came perhaps a little too easily and quickly. However, the book's finale left several questions open regarding the possible disclosure of Montero's secret, which makes me interested to read on in the series. Overall, it was a pleasant paranormal thriller, and I give it four stars.

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