Monday 11 June 2018

Book Review: For the Immortal by Emily Hauser

Title: For the Immortal (Golden Apple Trilogy #3)
Emily Hauser
Transworld Digital
Publication Date: 14 June 2018
eBook - PDF
ARC via NetGalley


Thousands of years ago, in an ancient world where the gods control all and heroes fight to have their names remembered down the ages, two extraordinary women become entangled in one of the greatest heroic tales of all time . . . and must face how much they are willing to risk for immortality.
Desperate to save her dying brother, Admete persuades her father, the king of Tiryns, to let her join Hercules on one of his legendary twelve labours. Travelling to the renowned female warrior Amazons in search of a cure, Admete soon discovers that both Hercules and the fearsome Amazons are not as they first seemed.
The Amazons greet the arrival of the Greeks with mixed feelings – and none more so than Hippolyta, the revered queen of the tribe. For Hercules and his band of fighters pose a threat to her way of life – but also stir up painful memories that threaten to expose her deepest secret.
As battle lines are drawn between the Greeks and the Amazons, both women soon learn the inevitable truth – in war, sacrifices must be made; especially if they are to protect the ones they love most . . . (Goodreads Synopsis)

I came to For the Immortal without having read the first two books in the series, but that didn't matter, because it is a standalone story. I loved Hauser's recreation of the well-known tale. She tells it from an intriguing new perspective, and that worked incredibly well. The different narrators all had interesting and unique voices, and I found myself caught up in their personal dramas and decisions. I particularly enjoyed the chapter lengths, which made it easy to pick up the book and read the odd bit here and there when I had time. Occasionally, during the more narrative passages, my attention wavered, but the action soon drew me back in. Actually, one of the things I found most enjoyable was the author's afterword, in which she discusses her approach to recasting the myth. Overall, this is a good read for those who enjoy fairytale and myth retellings, and I give it a solid 4 stars.

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