Saturday 30 June 2018

Book Review: Practical Calligraphy by George Thomson

Title: Practical Calligraphy
Author: George Thomson
Ivy Press - Quarto

Publication Date: 5 April 2018
eBook - PDF
ARC via NetGalley


Calligraphy can seem rather daunting, but theres no need to study for years if you just want to produce beautiful decorative lettering good enough to enhance your gifts and personal stationery. A friendly and approachable how-to guide, everything you need is in Practical Calligraphy.

Practical Calligraphy is a useful quick-guide for anyone interested in getting into calligraphy. It covers all the technical aspects first, and then encourages you to practise and improve on your skills through a series of varied projects. This is one for beginners, not those looking to expand existing knowledge and skills, but it does what it does well. The only thing I would have liked to have seen included would be some practice sheets etc. at the back. Otherwise, Practical Calligraphy offers a good starting point for your foray into the world of the calligraphy.

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