Sunday 15 July 2018

Book Review: The King's Witch (Frances Gorges #1) by Tracy Borman (Historical)

Title: The King's Witch
Author: Tracy Borman
Hodder & Stoughton

Publication Date: 7 June 2018
eBook - EPUB
ARC via NetGalley


As she helps to nurse the dying Queen Elizabeth, Frances Gorges longs for the fields and ancient woods of her parents' Hampshire estate, where she has learned to use the flowers and herbs to become a much-loved healer.

Frances is happy to stay in her beloved countryside when the new King arrives from Scotland, bringing change, fear and suspicion. His court may be shockingly decadent, but James's religion is Puritan, intolerant of all the old ways; he has already put to death many men for treason and women for witchcraft.

So when her ambitious uncle forcibly brings Frances to court, she is trapped in a claustrophobic world of intrigue and betrayal - and a ready target for the twisted scheming of Lord Cecil, the King's first minister.

Surrounded by mortal dangers, Frances finds happiness only with the precocious young Princess Elizabeth, and Tom Wintour, the one courtier she can trust.

Or can she?

The King's Witch was an enjoyable read, with plenty of adventure and a good dash of romance. Frances is a delightful, spunky heroine, and I loved the way her narrative wove through the historical events taking place. The period detail shone, the plot was well paced, and I was always keen to turn to the next page, to see what would happen. All up, this is a book sure to please readers of this style of historical fiction, and I would certainly be eager to read more from Tracy Borman in the future. 4.5 stars.

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