Tuesday 3 July 2018

Book Review: The Light Between Us by Katie Khan

Title: The Light Between Us
Author: Katie Khan
Transworld Digital

Publication Date: 9 August 2018
eBook - PDF
ARC via NetGalley


Thea and Isaac first met at University. Theirs was an instant connection but it never went further than friendship.

Because, then and now, Thea only has eyes for her work. Not just her course, but also a private project - Thea is determined to prove that time travel is not just the stuff of science fiction. And she has never told anyone the reason why.

When one of their friends goes missing in an experiment, Isaac and Thea must work together to find her - forcing them to re-examine their own friendship.

Is it really as platonic as they used to think?

The Light Between Us gripped me at the start. I was fascinated to learn more about the relationship between Thea and Isaac, and how things would progress with Thea's time travel experiments. However, it lost me a little mid-book. The missing friend suddenly seemed to take a backseat to the main characters' relationship dramas, and the plot took a major turn. I'm all for plot twists, but this one was a little jarring, and I began to find the characters' actions unbelievable as positions and beliefs suddenly shifted. It did pull me back at the end for the bittersweet resolution, but I still felt more distanced from the characters than I would have liked to have been at that point. Overall, I am giving this three stars. I really enjoyed the premise, which beautifully blended elements of science and fantasy, but the final presentation didn't come together for me in the way I would have liked. If you enjoy time travel romance, do check this out, but be aware that it may not be quite what you expect. I can't say more than that without risking spoilers.

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