Friday 13 July 2018

Weekend Blog Hops - 13 July 2018

It's the weekend once more. That means it's time for my book blogger hopping.
Does a cluttered blog have you not returning? E.g. Too many columns, small type, too many photos, difficult to follow, etc.

Yes and no. If it was a blog I visit as part of one of these hops, I would still go there and comment. However, it would put me off visiting it at other times, and when reading blog posts in general, I do tend to stick to clean-looking, neat blogs. Often, less is more. If it's hard work to read the posts or to find the information I need, I won't go back. sentence:
"You're utter rubbish at this, you know that, right?" Casey shouted as Martin's long legs ate up the distance ahead of them, arms and shoulders bunching and rolling in graceful synchronicity.

From page 56:
Lost within his own world, Martin danced shirtless, his wings the only accessory on his torso.

My Current Read 
Fallen For You
Jules Dee

When you work with someone for years, you think you know them pretty well.
Casey Wicker and Martin Bishop are a British Secret Service team with a reputation for ignoring rules but delivering results. They’ve also built a tight friendship, with more than a spark of unspoken attraction.
While on assignment to Scotland Yard, Martin rescues Casey and exposes him to a life-changing secret. Martin is not what he seems, and now that Casey is aware of that, the knowledge most likely comes with a death sentence.
When a way to avoid the tragic ending is suggested, it may very well take more cooperation than anyone is willing to expend.


  1. Hmm, this has me fascinated. Love the excerpts, and I think I'm going to have to try it.

    Thanks for sharing. I'm featuring The Paris Secret by Karen Swan this week.

  2. Love the page 56 quote. Hm, might be something for me, but am not sure.

  3. I like the action in the beginning. Is he riding a horse?

  4. I like the cover and the excerpts are nice, but I'm not sure if this is my kind of book. See what we're featuring at Girl Who Reads

  5. I like books with good repartee between the investigators in a story; the process of working together is then so much more interesting.

    Thanks for sharing, and here's mine: “THE OTHER WIFE”

    1. Thanks for the visit. I look forward to starting it tonight!

  6. I really like the book beginning. I hope the rest of the book develops wwell. It has so much potential. My Frida Quotes - The Prince and the Dressmaker

  7. Great answer to the Blog Hop question.

    I like neat and easy-to-find things on a blog.

  8. I'm fascinated by Martin and want to know more about him. :-) Happy weekend!

  9. That beginning is great! Enjoy! Hope you have an awesome weekend! :)

  10. Love that cover! Great picks. :)

    Lauren @ Always Me

  11. Lovely cover and intriguing synopsis. Hope you enjoy!

  12. I love the Fallen for You cover!
    I agree on the cluttered blogs. I prefer 'cleaner' designs but I'll return comments regardless. :)