Friday 17 August 2018

Book Review: Elixir of Flight (Flyer Chronicles #2) by Alina Popescu (MM/Sci-Fi)

Title: Elixir of Flight (Flyer Chronicles #2)
Author: Alina Popescu

Publication Date: 11 May 2018
eBook - EPUB
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The truth always comes to light, no matter how old or dark the intergalactic veil of lies. 

When flyers Michael and Samandriel set out to find the elusive Ishtahr sanctuary, the truths they uncover about the origin of their race threaten the very foundation of the Intergalactic Alliance. If exposed, the alliance’s revered overseers might lose their rule over the galaxies and their ultimate military force, the flyers.

Desperate to protect Adam, his lover, Michael will go against anyone who threatens the human’s life. Put into stasis by what seems to be a miracle, Adam’s survival is on the line even without the overwatch trying to execute him. As Ishtahr welcomes them, Michael uncovers more of the overseers’ lies and manipulations. His and Samandriel’s rage grows stronger with every new revelation about flyers’ essence.

With overseers ready to go to war against Ishtahr, Samandriel determined to expose their lies, and the sanctuary refusing to bow down to fickle threats, the entire universe is on the brink of implosion. Will Michael and Adam ever find their happiness in such dire circumstances?

It was fun to get back into the world of the flyers with book two of the Flyer Chronicles. After spending book one on Earth, we are now out in space, which allowed for more of the series' sci-fi elements to shine through. There wasn't so much relationship development for our two leads in this volume, at least until near the end, but book two offered more background information on the flyers and their capabilities that will make things interesting as we head into book three. I am certainly keen to see how things will work out for Michael and Adam, and, indeed, Samandriel.

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review this so fast, Nicki! I am happy you enjoyed their space adventures so far :D