Friday 26 October 2018

Book Review: Around the World in 575 Songs - Vol. 1 Europe by Nick Wall (Non-Fiction/Music)

Title: Around the World in 575 Songs - Vol. 1 Europe
Author: Nick Wall
Politically Correct Press/Troubadour Publishing

Publication Date: 28 August 2018
eBook - EPUB
ARC via NetGalley


Nick Wall has spent over four years gathering traditional music from every country in the world, from Kazakhstan to Kiribati, researching the life and culture of these countries, then weaving the music in with information, stories, and reflections about each country.

Around the World in 575 Songs: Traditional Music from all the World’s Countries is a festival of cultures in four volumes; a demonstration that for many people in this globalised world our roots are still a vital part of who we are; and an affirmation that every country and every people are special.

Never before have so many stories been gathered together in one place of the struggles by musicians around the globe to keep traditional music forms and traditional instruments alive. These volumes are a vital resource, and a well of inspiration.

Around the World in 575 Songs is an inspiring project. As a lover of traditional music, I simply had to request a review copy of this book, and I certainly learnt a few new things from it. The text for each country offers both musical insight and a look at the cultural and political history of each place, and how that has affected traditional music. There are also key songs to which the reader can listen to hear the different styles of music mentioned. Naturally, it's impossible to encompass everything in a single volume, but I think Wall presents a diverse and interesting selection that will only inspire readers to seek out more on their own.

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