Wednesday 31 October 2018

Book Review: The Art of Crochet Blankets by Rachele Carmona (Non-Fiction/Crafts)

Title: The Art of Crochet Blankets
Author: Rachele Carmona
F&W Media

Publication Date: 13 November 2018
eBook - PDF
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Discover a new source of inspiration for your crochet hook...the beautiful work of today's modern makers!

Follow popular crochet blanket designer Rachele Carmona through her unique collection of crochet blankets inspired by the work of popular independent artists. The Art of Crochet Blankets will help you create your own colorful crochet blankets as unique works of art for your home! Inside this one-of-a-kind crochet blanket guide you'll find:Details on how to translate art to hook with 18 bold and unique crochet afghan patterns influenced by the works of their feature artist.Modern quilts, fabric designs, tapestry weaving, digital art, and more become the source of one-of-a-kind projects for a more artful home.Biographies and beautiful photos profiling 6 inspiring modern makers--Tula Pink, April Rhodes, Maryanne Moodie, Fransisco Valle, Maud Vantours, and Caitline Dowe-Sandes. Discover the inspiration that lies beyond the world of crochet with The Art of Crochet Blankets

The Art of Crochet Blanket was certainly an interesting read. Carmona has taken her inspiration for these projects from a range of different sources, and it's fascinating to see how she has transformed each idea into a crochet piece. I particularly appreciated having the short biographies of the artists, and the glimpses of their original works, before seeing Carmona's interpretations. The crochet patterns are offered in the form of written instructions and (where appropriate) diagrams, and they looked easy to follow and well laid out. In terms of the designs, not all appealed to me personally, but I have fairly traditional tastes, and I think, in any case, each of us will always like some more than others with a collection such as this. Overall, though, I thought this was a lovely concept.

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