Thursday 29 November 2018

How I Write: Ready to Submit? 3-Point Checklist Before Pushing Send

For the last post of 2018, I wanted to share three quick tips for things you’ll want to check before you hit Send on a new submission.

1) Editing
Is the work properly edited? Never send a first draft and always have a professional editor go through your final version of the manuscript before you submit it.

2) Formatting
Have you followed the publisher’s formatting requirements? If not, make those changes before you submit. If you do a ‘Change All’, flick through afterwards to make sure the action hasn’t had an adverse effect on the rest of your formatting, or your pagination.

3) Open for Submission
Only send your work to publishers actively accepting submissions in your genre and word count. Sending a short story to a publisher who only wants novels, or vice versa, wastes both your time and theirs.

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