Tuesday 15 January 2019

Reading Recs: Six Books Based on Norse Myth

Welcome to the first of my Reading Recs posts!

Once a month from now until November, I will share an infographic featuring some of my top book recommendations in different categories.

Kicking us off today are books based on the stories from Norse mythology.

Of course, I wouldn't be much of a writer if I didn't mention my very own work, The Ragnarök Chronicles. In this story Norse myth comes crashing into the modern world, and into the life of unsuspecting human Cassandra.

Loki also appears in the modern age, trouble brewing in his wake, in C. Gockel's I Bring the Fire series.

Meanwhile, A.S. Byatt deals with the end of the world in Ragnarok.

The beautifully conceived The Hurricane Party by Klas Östergren takes a fresh look at the Lokasenna from a very different perspective.

Then Joanne M. Harris gives Loki a chance to explain his actions in The Gospel of Loki.

And finally Neil Gaiman's American Gods plunges us into a battle between the old gods and the new.

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