Friday 25 January 2019

Weekend Blog Hops - 25 January 2019

It's the weekend once more. That means it's time for my book-blogger hopping.
How many books did you read last year? Will your goal be to match that number or surpass it?
My final book total for 2018 was 231. As usual, I have set my goal this year at 150, but I am already ahead, so maybe I will surpass it again. It all depends on how the year pans out and how much reading time I can find. And, of course, which books I end up reading, as page count of each book is also a factor. sentence:
Inhale the scent of a forest close by. I can smell the earthy fragrance of autumn as night falls, the leave gently rustling.


From page 56:
There's no comparison between listening to music in a large concert hall with other people and being so close you can feel the performer's breath.

My Current Read 
The Forest of Wool and Steel
Natsu Miyashita

What he experienced that day wasn’t life-changing . . . It was life-making.

Tomura is startled by the hypnotic sound of a piano being tuned in his school. It seeps into his soul and transports him to the forests, dark and gleaming, that surround his beloved mountain village. From that moment, he is determined to discover more.

Under the tutelage of three master piano-tuners – one humble, one cheery, one ill-tempered – Tomura embarks on his training, never straying too far from a single, unfathomable question: do I have what it takes?

Set in small-town Japan, this warm and mystical story is for the lucky few who have found their calling – and for the rest of us who are still searching. It shows that the road to finding one’s purpose is a winding path, often filled with treacherous doubts and, for those who persevere, astonishing moments of revelation.


  1. 231 is a lot of books!!! I read 62 books last year. This year my goal is 52, though I'm hoping to read a lot more.

    The Forest of Wool and Steel looks like an interesting read!

    My Book Blogger Hop

    My Friday 56

  2. This book sounds beautiful. That cover is gorgeous as well.
    My Friday! Marie @ Pages to Explore

  3. The Forest of Wool and Steel sounds interesting. I like the quotes, and the book cover is nice.

  4. 231 is a massive amount of books! I agree on the page count being a huge factor but even if they were shorter books that's still impressive and no-one consistently reads short books or super long ones there's always a mix so well done you!

  5. 231!! That's amazing! You'll have to share your secrets with us. Congratulations and good luck with hitting your goal again this year.

    My Friday 56 this week.

  6. The book sounds great! I can relate to the 56! Happy weekend!

  7. I'm already ahead of my Goodreads goal too. I usually set it low and then extend it as the year progresses. This sounds like an interesting book. This week I am spotlighting Whispers Under Ground by Ben Aaronovitch as I try to finish a series I just discovered. Happy reading!

  8. Great excerpts! Thanks for sharing, and here's mine: “LATE IN THE DAY”

  9. Wow, I'm swept away by the excerpts. It sounds absolutely beautiful. Perhaps I'll add this on to the number of books I read this year.

    I didn't count all the books I read last year, but I know I read 143 children's books from October to December as a Cybils judge.

    1. It was a really lovely, lyrical work. Hope you enjoy it if you give it a try.

  10. Dang!! 231 books is amazing!! Happy reading in 2019! :)

    My BBH

  11. 231 is impressive! I'm hoping to get to 200 this year but then I hoped to get to it last year and didn't quite make it! This sounds like a fascinating read! I can see how the writing style would just pull you in.

  12. I love that opening sentence. I, too, love the scent of forests. My Friday Quotes from The Great Alone

  13. That is a very impressive number of books!!

    Thanks for sharing, and have a great weekend.

  14. I love that beginning. It paints such a vivid picture in my mind. Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a great weekend! :)

  15. I've always like the combination of books and music. Happy weekend!

  16. 231?? Geez, I read 200 less than you! I need to step up...

  17. Wow! 231, and everyone tells me my 150 goal is high and I haven't hit it in years!