Friday 15 February 2019

Book Review: A Lord to Love by Sara Dobie Bauer (MM/Alt. History)

Title: A Lord to Love
Author: Sara Dobie Bauer
Carnation Books

Publication Date: 19 March 2019
eBook - EPUB
MM/Alt. History
ARC from Author

During negotiations for a truce between the feuding Pierce and Morgan families, Lord John Morgan makes a shocking offer: he will give the Pierce family their land, in exchange for Harrison Pierce's hand in marriage.

John has long been enamored with Harrison, the beautiful son of his late rival. Harrison is nineteen, inexperienced, and known for being cold and bitingly brilliant. The union seems impossible, but John is determined to win the affections of his young obsession.

Will the frigid Harrison concede, or will the object of John's adoration leave him alone at the altar?

A Lord to Love was a sweet little half-hour read. I liked both Harrison and John as characters, and the enemies-to-lovers trope was nicely handled. However, I really wish this book had been a novel, or at least a novella, rather than a short story. It would have been wonderful to see more of the background of each character, more of the dispute between John and Harrison's father, and thus more of their awakening feelings for each other. As it is, their courtship seems sudden, and more based on looks than anything else, at least at first. And I think that impression could have been avoided had we spent more time getting to know them, learning of their impressions of each other in different moments. In conclusion, this book seems something of a wasted opportunity, as it could have been so awesome if extended. Nonetheless, I am giving it four stars, because it was a delightful, quick Valentine's Day read for me, and I liked the premise of the plot and the characters.

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