Monday 4 March 2019

Book Review: Slammed into You (Coffee & Cardigans #1) by C.M. Valencourt (MM/Cont. Romance)

Title: Slammed into You (Coffee & Cardigans #1)
Author: C.M. Valencourt

Publication Date: 21 February 2019
eBook - EPUB
MM/Cont. Romance
Review Copy from Author

They were like two hurricanes, touching down on the same shore.

Amir is a rising slam poet who wants to make it big. While he works a day job at a café, he writes poems like his life depends on it and performs at a local poetry slam every week.

But then Landon comes to a slam, and he’s not impressed by Amir. When he joins the slam team, he jeopardizes Amir’s chance to go to Nationals, all Amir’s been dreaming about for the past year. He vows to show Landon that he is the better poet.

As Amir and Landon clash to get the last spot at Nationals, their bickering and attempts to undermine each other quickly turn into angry lust. Amir’s priority is to win, but he can’t seem to get Landon out of his head...

This is the first book in the Coffee & Cardigans series, but can be read as a stand-alone. The next books will follow different couples.

Slammed into You was an interesting read, not least because I had not come across poetry slams before, and didn't know it was a thing. I enjoyed the enemies-to-lovers romance between Landon and Amir. I particularly liked that it did fluctuate; it wasn't simply hate one minute and love the next; it took time to develop. I thought the balance of poetry to prose was right too. A handful of the poems were written out, but most were just mentioned, without being quoted on the page. The ratio of action to sex scenes was also good, mixing plenty of plot development with some steamy bedroom sessions. Overall, Slammed into You is an intelligent and enjoyable read that I recommend for fans of contemporary MM tales.

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