Sunday 21 April 2019

Book Review: Draw Like An Artist - 100 Faces and Figures by Chris Legaspi (Non-Fiction/Art)

Title: Draw Like An Artist - 100 Faces and Figures
Author: Chris Legaspi
Quarry Books - Quarto

Publication Date: 16 April 2019
eBook - PDF

ARC via NetGalley


Featuring 600+ sketches depicting a vast array of human expressions, movements, and more, Draw Like an Artist: 100 Faces and Figures is a must-have visual reference book for student artists, illustrators, cartoonists, urban sketchers, and anyone seeking to improve their realistic drawing skills.

Designed as a contemporary, step-by-stepguidebook for artists who are learning to draw the human form, Draw Like An Artist: 100 Faces and Figures features an inclusive array of faces, figures, and poses, all shown from a variety of perspectives. Each set of illustrations takes you from beginning sketch lines to a finished drawing.

Draw Like An Artist: 100 Faces and Figures is an interesting work in that it contains very little text. The bulk of the book comprises sketches, shown in various stages from first line to completion. This approach may not suit everyone; however, if you are someone keen to dive right in and learn through practice alone, without major discussion of technique, this would be a good book for you as there are plenty of figures and faces in different poses you can attempt to recreate step by step. Note, too, that this is a book about line drawing. Therefore it does not go into shading etc. and is more suited to cartoon-style drawing than ultra realism. In conclusion, this won't suit everyone, but if this type of sketching is what you are looking to accomplish Draw Like An Artist: 100 Faces and Figures will be an excellent resource.

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