Wednesday 24 July 2019

Book Review: Draw With Jazza - Creating Characters (Non-Fiction/Art)

Title: Draw With Jazza - Creating Characters
Author: Josiah Brooks
Publisher: Impact
Publication Date: 2016
ARC via NetGalley


Draw With Jazza YouTube star Josiah Brooks breaks down an easy-to-follow method that will help you to invent and draw original characters time and time again. Whether sci-fi or steampunk, comic book heroines or tattooed action heroes, animal familiars or alien races, you will discover the limitless possibilities of creating your very own characters for comic books, cartoons, video games and more!

No matter what your skill level, you can draw from concept to finished art with confidence. Jazza shows you how as he walks you through The Design Process!

Discover. Learn techniques just like the pros use for developing characters--their backstory, personality and physicality; decide your drawing style; and explore and organize your inspiration.

Design. Use brainstorm sketching to refine your character's persona. Use simplified lines and shapes to draw men and women, practice poses and play with body shapes, sizes, ages and outfits.
Develop. Refine your best ideas by choosing features, color schemes, settings and context to reflect your end goal.
Deliver. Finish your concept art with character turnarounds, expression sheets, pose variations and more to create a complete picture of your characters and their world.

I discovered Jazza's YouTube channel recently and immediately became a fan, so naturally I wanted to grab a copy of his book. The thing I like most about this text is the way it blends some technical advice/know-how with a more general consideration of how to create a character. It's funny, well laid out, and informative, and I would definitely recommend it to someone interested in comic-style illustration/comic book creation. 4.5 stars.

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