Saturday 10 August 2019

Book Review: Redemption in Indigo by Karen Lord (Fantasy/Fairytale)

Title: Redemption in Indigo
Author: Karen Lord
Jo Fletcher Books

Publication Date: 2012 (2010)
Borrowed from the Library


Paama's husband is a fool and a glutton. Bad enough that he followed her to her parents' home in the village of Makendha, now he's disgraced himself by murdering livestock and stealing corn. When Paama leaves him for good, she attracts the attention of the undying ones – the djombi – who present her with a gift: the Chaos Stick, which allows her to manipulate the subtle forces of the world.

Unfortunately, not all the djombi are happy about this gift: the Indigo Lord believes this power should be his and his alone, and he sets about trying to persuade Paama to return the Chaos Stick.

Chaos is about to reign supreme...

Redemption in Indigo was a fun tale that I loved from start to finish. The story's use of folklore worked well and the world building and characters really drew me in. The Indigo Lord was my favourite, but Paama is also a wonderful figure. The prose is a delight and was such easy reading I whizzed through the pages. Definitely one I would recommend to fans for folklore-inspired tales and magical realism.

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