Saturday 12 October 2019

Book Review: Japanese Kanji for Beginners by Timothy G Stout & Kaori Hakone (Non-Fiction/Languages)

Title: Japanese Kanji for Beginners
Author: Timothy G Stout & Kaori Hakone

Publication Date: 2016
Borrowed from the Library


The Japanese language has two basic writing systems, kanji characters—which are based on Chinese characters and hiragana and katakana—a mnemonics based alphabet. This handy book teaches you a new mnemonicsubased method to read and write the 410 highest-frequency kanji characters.

Japanese Kanji for Beginners contains everything you need to learn the kanji characters required for the Advanced Placement Japanese Language and Culture Exam. It is designed for use by high school or college students as well as independent learners. The kanji learned in this book closely adheres to the kanji introduced in every major Japanese language textbook.

Key features of Japanese Kanji for Beginners include:
The 410 highest-frequency kanji characters
44 simple, easy-to-follow lessons
Concise information on kanji elements, readings and pronunciations
Extensive exercises, drills, and writing practice
Free CD-ROM with printable flash cards, practice quizzes and extra exercises 

Japanese Kanji for Beginners is a useful and well presented text that will benefit anyone learning Japanese. The examples are helpful and I am going to create some flashcards based on the information in this book to help me memorise the kanji.

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