Wednesday 16 October 2019

Book Review: L - Change the World by M (Mystery/Fantasy)

Title: L - Change the World
Author: M
Viz Media

Publication Date: 2016 (2007)
Bought Copy


In an alternative continuity in the Death Note setting, ace detective L's name has been written in a Death Note. He has twenty-three days to bring a terrorist group to justice, or they will use a deadly new virus to change the world—by killing off most of humanity.

L: Change the World is interesting since it was written as a novel for the film yet strays fairly widely from the film's plot at times. For me, this didn't always work. I think the film, while perhaps not awe-inspiring, was entertaining and generally came across well, but I found myself a little bored with the novel, especially when I saw no obvious reason for the plot changes. L as a character didn't come across well in this book either. The dialogue was stilted and it didn't feel like his 'voice' as we know it from the manga and anime. I think they would have done better to stick to the film more closely. As it is, this book was not entirely unenjoyable, and it is still likely to please Death Note fans looking to complete their collections, but I do think it one of the weakest links in the various versions of the story and characters.

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