Sunday 15 December 2019

Book Review: Kent Folk Tales by Tony Cooper (Folklore)

Title: Kent Folk Tales
Author: Tony Cooper
History Press

Publication Date: 2011
Birthday Gift


These traditional stories and local legends have been handed down by storytellers for centuries. As folk tales reveal a lot about the people who invented them, this book provides a link to the ethics and way of life of generations of Kentish people. Herein you will find the intriguing tales of Brave Mary of Mill Hill, King Herla, the Pickpockets of Sturry, the Wantsum Wyrm, and the Battle of Sandwich, to name but a few. These captivating stories, brought to life with a collection of unique illustrations, will be enjoyed by readers time and again. 

Kent Folk Tales was an enjoyable read. It is a fun collection of varied stories, and I had particular fun with it since I knew the places in which the stories were set. I tended to prefer the earlier tales, as opposed to the more recent/modern ones, but in this kind of book there will always be some chapters you like more than others. Overall, I give this book four stars. It will appeal to folklore fans, and I should state it is part of a series, so you can also read tales from different UK counties in other volumes.

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