Saturday 14 December 2019

Book Review: RustBlaster by Toboso Yana (Manga/Paranormal)

Title: RustBlaster
Author: Toboso Yana
Viz Media

Publication Date: 2015 (2006)
Bought Copy


At Millennium Academy, elite vampires are trained to maintain balance in a world where humans and vampires, who possess far greater physical strength than their human neighbors, coexist. When Aldred, the most distinctly un-vampire-like vampire to be found in the entire institution, meets Kei, a human transfer student to the school, their destinies become surprisingly intertwined, and the fate of the world as they know it comes to lie in their hands. Will the unlikely duo be able to break the vicious cycle of blood and chaos that comes every millennium on the ominous night of the Twin Moons? 

RustBlaster was the debut work by Toboso Yana, who went on to write my beloved Black Butler. Therefore, I was interested to check it out. I thought the story concept was really good, and you can see the way her art developed from this story through to Black Butler. What let this work down, though, was its length. Because it was so short, there wasn't much time for character development and the story felt rushed, especially the ending, which was a little vague. It was still enjoyable, but spread over a longer page count it could have been even better, as we could have gotten to know the characters and their relationships better and had more backstory on what was taking place. This one is a 3.5 stars-read that I would round up to a four rather than down to a three.

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