Saturday 18 January 2020

Book Review: Bungo Stray Dogs Light Novel 2 by Kafka Asagiri (Fantasy)

Title: Bungo Stray Dogs Light Novel 2
Author: Kafka Asagiri
Yen On

Publication Date: 2019 (2014)
Bought Copy


Before joining the Armed Detective Agency, Osamu Dazai was the youngest executive with the Port Mafia, the most notorious underground crime syndicate in all of Yokohama. When one of their colleagues suddenly goes missing, Dazai and fellow Port Mafia member Sakunosuke Oda are tasked with conducting an investigation...and at last, the reason why Dazai parted ways with the Port Mafia is revealed!

Another fun light novel from the world of Bungo Stray Dogs. This plot line was also used in the anime, and those episodes in season 2 are ones I particularly enjoyed, so it was fun to experience the story again in novel format, interspersed with some lovely illustrations. Dazai is my favourite character, so I love to see him in a central role. As with the first light novel, you could probably read this book without prior knowledge of the show, but having read the first light novel would help, and it will, again, mean more to fans.

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