Monday 3 February 2020

Book Review: The Celestial Assignment by Theresa Braun (Fantasy/Short Story)

Title: The Celestial Assignment
Author: Theresa Braun
Publisher: Gorgon Blood Press

Publication Date: 14 February 2020
eBook - PDF
Fantasy/Short Story
ARC from Author

After a sudden death, Will, a misguided angel, is tasked with protecting a baby girl. Watching over her as she grows up and navigates the world appears a harsh punishment for his past failings. Can he redeem himself, or will he fall further from grace?

The Celestial Assignment was a thoughtful, quick read. I enjoyed Will's narrative voice; right from the start we got a good sense of him as a character. I also had fun following his journey of self-discovery as he grappled with his new assignment. There were plenty of words of wisdom along the way, and overall I thought this was a well-written little fantasy tale. I do think the cover for this book is problematic though. When the author approached me to review and I saw this cover, my first thought was to decline because I thought it was a horror story. Of course, upon reading the blurb and gathering more information, I realised it wasn't, but that was the first impression the cover gave me, with the red on black and general forbidding aspect of the image. So, don't be put off this book by seeing the cover; it doesn't accurately represent the genre and style of this story.

I received this book as a free ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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