Tuesday 25 February 2020

Book Review: Thirst for Love by Mishima Yukio (Contemporary Fiction)

Title: Thirst for Love
Author: Mishima Yukio

Publication Date: 2009 (1950)
Contemporary Fiction
Bought Copy


After the early death of her philandering husband, Etsuko moves into her father-in-law's house, where she numbly submits to the old man's advances. But soon she finds herself in love with the young servant Saburo. Tormented by his indifference, yet invigorated by her desire, she makes her move, with catastrophic consequences.

I really enjoyed Thirst for Love. The way Mishima portrays Etsuko is fascinating and insightful. I was drawn into her world and her thoughts right from the start. The story is tragic and at times melodramatic, but through it all Etsuko shines out as a beautifully realised character with great psychological depth, especially as she grows more and more tormented and distracted. I also enjoyed the way Mishima explored themes of opposition: female vs male, traditional vs new, love vs desire. This was my first time reading a work by Mishima, but I am now keen to read more from him. I loved his writing style and the excellence of his character portrayal.

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