Wednesday 4 March 2020

Book Review: If Cats Disappeared from the World by Kawamura Genki (Contemporary Fiction)

Title: If Cats Disappeared from the World
Author: Kawamura Genki
Flatiron Books

Publication Date: 2019 (2012)
Contemporary Fiction
Borrowed from the Library


The postman’s days are numbered. Estranged from his family, living alone with only his cat Cabbage to keep him company, he was unprepared for the doctor’s diagnosis that he has only months to live. But before he can tackle his bucket list, the Devil appears to make him an offer: In exchange for making one thing in the world disappear, our narrator will get one extra day of life. And so begins a very bizarre week…

With each object that disappears the postman reflects on the life he’s lived, his joys and regrets, and the people he’s loved and lost.

Genki Kawamura’s timeless tale is a moving story of loss and reconciliation, of one man’s journey to discover what really matters most in life. 

If Cats Disappeared from the World is a sweet, engaging, thoughtful read that captivated me from start to finish. I loved the simple, alluring style of the prose, the quirky, amusing-yet-deep story and the perfect blend of contemporary drama and magical realism that Japanese authors always seem to do so well. I borrowed this book from the library, but I enjoyed it so much I would consider getting a copy to keep, and I would definitely read more works by this author. Highly recommend for fans of quirky yet thought-provoking Japanese contemporary fiction.

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