Saturday 7 March 2020

Book Review: Strange Weather in Tokyo by Kawakami Hiromi

Title: Strange Weather in Tokyo
Author: Kawakami Hiromi
Portobello Books

Publication Date: 2013 (2001)
Contemporary Fiction
Borrowed from the Library


Tsukiko is drinking alone in her local sake bar when by chance she meets one of her old high school teachers and, unable to remember his name, she falls back into her old habit of calling him 'Sensei'. After this first encounter, Tsukiko and Sensei continue to meet. Together, they share edamame beans, bottles of cold beer, and a trip to the mountains to eat wild mushrooms. As their friendship deepens, Tsukiko comes to realise that the solace she has found with Sensei might be something more.

I really enjoyed Strange Weather in Tokyo. Tsukiko was an engaging narrator/protagonist, and it was a delight to travel along with her as her relationship with Sensei developed. The prose was easy reading yet thoughtful, and I was happy when things turned out the way I'd hoped. Both characters were well drawn and you got a great sense of place and atmosphere from the story. I would definitely pick up more books by this author in the future.

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