Sunday 3 May 2020

Book Review: Time Waits (Out of Time #1) by C.B. Lewis

Title: Time Waits (Out of Time #1)
Author: C.B. Lewis
NineStar Press
Publication Date: 27 April 2020
eBook - EPUB
Historical/Time Travel/Sci-Fi/LGBT
ARC via NetGalley

On the run from his former allies in 1943, Janos Nagy’s life is turned upside down when he stumbles through a mysterious doorway and finds himself in the hands of the Temporal Research Institute, a covert organization that verifies historical events through time travel.

The year, he is told, is 2041. Wounded, exhausted, and helpless, he’s in a time he doesn’t know and a world that has changed beyond his wildest imagination. Dieter Schmidt, one of the TRI linguists and historians, offers his aid in making sense of this strange new existence.

But Janos’s arrival has broken the TRI’s prime rule of non-interference. It’s not long until someone in the TRI decides that if the rule can be broken once…well, why not break it again? 

The premise for Time Waits is a good one, and I started the book geared up for an action-packed story. The opening is strong; however, things stall during the middle of the book until they pick up again in the last quarter. During that middle period, I was a little bored. With Janos stuck indoors for the most part, we didn't even get to see much of his adjustment to the new time period. He came across okay as a character, but I wasn't as taken with Dieter. I have no issue with Dieter's swearing, in and of itself, but it didn't feel right for his character, so I struggled to gel with him. I also didn't fully get into their romance, which initially seemed a little forced, while the sex scenes didn't always add anything to the story or characters. Overall, I give this three stars. The concept was good and there were a number of moments and elements I enjoyed, but the pacing could have used a little work, especially through the midpoint in the story. A few cuts and a little tightening of the prose here and there and this book would have worked better.

I received this book as a free eBook ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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