Wednesday 8 July 2020

Book Review: A Gentle Noble's Vacation Recommendation Vol. 1 by Momochi, Misaki & Sando (Manga / Fantasy / Adventure)

A Gentle Noble's Vacation Recommendation Vol. 1

Author: Momochi, Misaki & Sando
Publisher: TokyoPop
Publication Date: 11 August 2020
eBook - PDF
Manga / Fantasy / Adventure
ARC via NetGalley


When Lizel mysteriously finds himself in a city that bears odd similarities to his own but clearly isn't, he quickly comes to terms with the unlikely truth: this is an entirely different world. Even so, laid-back Lizel isn't the type to panic. He immediately sets out to learn more about this strange place, and to help him do so, hires a seasoned adventurer named Gil as his tour guide and protector. Until he's able to find a way home, Lizel figures this is a perfect opportunity to explore a new way of life adventuring as part of a guild. After all, he's sure he'll go home eventually... might as well enjoy the otherworldly vacation for now!

A Gentle Noble's Vacation Recommendation Vol. 1 was a fun, entertaining read. I loved how Lizel, far from panicking, decided to take his arrival in an unknown world as an opportunity for an adventure holiday. He and Gil both came across well as characters, and though it's not billed as such, I felt there were some potential boy-love vibes developing between them by the end of the volume. The drawing style was beautiful, the artwork appealing, so all up this was an engaging tale and one I would definitely be interested to continue reading to find out how Lizel and Gil's partnership will progress.

I received this book as a free eBook ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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