Sunday 14 February 2021

Book Review: Songs of Insurrection by JC Kang (Fantasy)

Title: Songs of Insurrection
Author: JC Kang
Publisher: Dragonstone Press
Publication Date: 5 January 2021
eBook - EPUB
Genre: Fantasy
Source: ARC via NetGalley

Only the lost magic of Dragon Songs can save the world. Only an awkward girl with the perfect voice can rediscover it.

The Dragon Singers of old summoned typhoons and routed armies, liberating mankind from the orcs before fading into legend. Now, with the world again facing a new cataclysm, the power of music stirs in Kaiya, an a naïve misfit with the perfect voice.

Without a master to guide her, she must rely on Hardeep, a disgraced foreign paladin, to help awaken her latent magic. His motives might not be entirely noble. When he leads her to the fabled Dragon Scale Lute, which only a Dragon Singer can wield, it is up to Black Lotus Clan to intervene.

Because the instrument's fell power can save the world...

Or destroy it.


I really wanted to love this book. Fantasy with an infusion of Asian culture sounded awesome, but I couldn't get past the problems which made moving through these 400 pages a slog. Kaiya meets a guy, falls instantly in love with him and then follows everywhere he leads. The guy in question is not a well-developed character. I got no sense of him other than that he was handsome, charming and liked music. I couldn't get behind her and her relationship with him at all. On the plus side, the scenes with Jie and Tian worked better. They both had some substance as characters and it was them who kept me going until the end. There was so much potential here, but between insta-love and two-dimensional characters, I just couldn't invest in the story, so it's a 2-star read for me.

I received this book as a free eBook ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

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