Sunday 21 March 2021

Book Review: Infinity Reaper (Infinity Cycle #2) by Adam Silvera (YA LGBT Fantasy)

Title: Infinity Reaper (Infinity Cycle #2)
Author: Adam Silvera
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Australia
Publication Date: 17 March 2021
eBook - PDF
Genre: LGBT/YA/Fantasy
Source: ARC via NetGalley

Emil and Brighton defied the odds. They beat the Blood Casters and escaped with their lives—or so they thought. When Brighton drank the Reaper's Blood, he believed it would make him invincible, but instead the potion is killing him.

In Emil's race to find an antidote that will not only save his brother but also rid him of his own unwanted phoenix powers, he will have to dig deep into the very past lives he's trying to outrun. Though he needs the help of the Spell Walkers now more than ever, their ranks are fracturing, with Maribelle's thirst for revenge sending her down a dangerous path.

Meanwhile, Ness is being abused by Senator Iron for political gain, his rare shifting ability making him a dangerous weapon. As much as Ness longs to send Emil a signal, he knows the best way to keep Emil safe from his corrupt father is to keep him at a distance.

The battle for peace is playing out like an intricate game of chess, and as the pieces on the board move into place, Emil starts to realize that he may have been competing against the wrong enemy all along.


One of the issues I had with Book One in this series was the lack of world building. That posed less of a problem in Infinity Reaper, since I already had some background from the previous volume. However, I still had the same disconnect with most of the characters. Brighton is not a particularly likeable character, but he remains the one who comes across the best. Emil I find a little too perfect in comparison for me to really accept him, though Ness is more engaging. I was a little put off by the sudden inclusion of a cliched YA love triangle, but I'm willing to wait to see how that plays out in the final installment. Having dealt with the negatives, I want to add the positive aspects. Firstly, I felt the pacing was improved in this second book. For the most part, the story flowed along nicely and was a reasonably quick and easy read despite a 500+ page count. Secondly, I enjoyed the teasing of a morally grey area through Brighton's actions, which gave a little more depth to the piece. Finally, there were plenty of good action scenes that were well described and which you could conjure in your mind with a cinematic feel. Overall, I am giving this book three and a half stars. It has some problems, but it's still an enjoyable read if you are a fan of YA fantasy-adventure tales, and I will certainly read the final book when it releases, as I would like to see how the story concludes.

I received this book as a free eBook ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

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