Saturday 31 July 2021

Book Review: How to Speak Any Language Fluently by Alex Rawlings (Non-Fiction)

Title: How to Speak Any Language Fluently
Author: Alex Rawlings
Publisher: Robinson
Publication Date: 2018
Pages: 214
Format: Paperback
Genre: Non-Fiction
Source: Bought Copy

This book will give you the skills to learn to speak any language with confidence. It uses techniques that can easily be incorporated into your daily life, while making use of whatever resources you have available.

Whether you are starting out with your first foreign language or wishing to add to your repetoire, you'll find a wealth of easy-to-follow advice and achievable goals. Discover how to:

-Speak with greater confidence and accuracy
-Effectively learn vocabulary and grammar
-Use time on the internet and social media to learn a language
-Read real books, websites and articles in a foreign language
-Pass exams that certify your language skills


How to Speak Any Language Fluently was a bit of a letdown for me; however, that may simply be because I was expecting too much/the wrong things from it. I bought this book after hearing a positive review from a polyglot YouTuber I recently started following. She speaks a number of languages but said she'd still found useful advice in this book, so I placed an order. I was therefore a little saddened to read through 200 pages only to learn nothing new. All the suggestions were things I'd already come across in blog posts or YouTube videos. I am giving this book 3-stars because I do think it would be of use to those who are new to language-learning outside of a classroom/school setting who don't know where to begin with self-study. However, if, like me, you've already been learning languages on your own for a while, there is probably nothing here you won't already have discovered either from other sources or through your own experience.

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