Saturday 21 August 2021

Book Review: Lakesedge by Lyndall Clipstone (YA Gothic Fantasy Romance)

Title: Lakesedge
Author: Lyndall Clipstone
Publisher: Pan Macmillan Australia
Publication Date: 31 August 2021
Pages: 400
Format: Paperback
Genre: YA Gothic Fantasy Romance
Source: ARC from Publisher

There are monsters in the world.

When Violeta Graceling arrives at haunted Lakesedge estate, she expects to find a monster. She knows the terrifying rumours about Rowan Sylvanan, who drowned his entire family when he was a boy. But neither the estate nor the monster are what they seem.

There are monsters in the woods.

As Leta falls for Rowan, she discovers he is bound to the Lord Under, the sinister death god lurking in the black waters of the lake. A creature to whom Leta is inexplicably drawn...

There's a monster in the shadows, and now it knows my name.

To save Rowan, and herself, Leta must confront the darkness in her past, which includes unravelling the mystery of her connection to the Lord Under.


Lakesedge was an engaging Gothic tale with all the trademark points included: feisty heroine, Byronic hero, family mystery, spooky house (or, in this case, a spooky lake). There was enough familiarity to tick all the boxes for Gothic fans, but also enough originality in the story to maintain interest throughout. I enjoyed the development of Leta's relationship with Rowan. I would have liked a little more about her connection to Lord Under, but that may well follow in Book Two next year. Overall, this was a book I could really dive into, getting caught up in the world and the characters. I loved the descriptive, atmospheric prose, and I am keen to see how the story will continue in the sequel. It gets a solid 4-star rating from me.

I received this book as a free ARC from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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