Sunday 24 October 2021

Book Review: London Explored by Peter Dazeley & Mark Daly (Non-Fiction/Travel)

Title: London Explored
Author: Peter Dazeley & Mark Daly
Publisher: Frances Lincoln
Publication Date: 30 November 2021
Format: eBook PDF
Genre: Non-Fiction/Travel
Source: ARC from Publisher

This visually stunning guide takes you on a journey to some of London's most interesting, surprising and unique places.

London is packed with little-known treasures: remarkably preserved historical houses, fascinating museums and galleries, unusual commercial and industrial buildings and sumptuous interiors that are glimpsed only on special occasions.
A follow-up to the hugely successful
Unseen London and London Uncovered, London Explored is a unique London guidebook that opens the doors to more than sixty of the capital's most surprising and intriguing places. The locations include an upmarket gun shop, a working bronze foundry, a secret underground bunker, a lavish casino and a jewel-like chapel. Mark Daly’s lively commentary accompanies the stunning photography of Peter Dazeley.

From the lavish eighteenth-century private members' clubs of Westminster and the grand magnificence of the Admiralty Arch, through the city's wide array of cultural and historical museums, to a look inside the lesser known sights like Tower Bridge lifeboate station or Clapham's enormous abandonded underground bomb shelter, this beautiful compendium delves into the history and heritage of these places, offering a fascinating picture of one of the world's great cities as it was and as it is today.
Explore London with this special guide to the city's secret and surprising buildings. Describing the history and the character of each place, the book uncovers a wealth of stories about an endlessly remarkable world city with its own unique character.


London Explored is an enjoyable read for anyone interested in London and its hidden gems. Some of the places mentioned I was already familiar with, but one or two I'd never heard of before, so I added them to my list of places to visit the next time I am there. The accompanying photos balance perfectly with the text, and the book in its entirety is nicely presented, making it a delight to flick through. If you've already seen all of London's main tourist sites and are looking for somewhere new to explore, this book is certain to give you a few ideas. It gets four stars from me.

I received this book as a free eBook ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

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