Sunday 5 December 2021

Book Review: Black Butler Art Book 3 by Toboso Yana (Fantasy/Manga)

Title: Black Butler Art Book 3
Author: Toboso Yana
Publisher: Square Enix
Publication Date: 2021
Format: Hardback
Genre: Fantasy/Manga
Source: Bought Copy

"Toboso Yana Art Book: Black Butler 3". This is the third art book commemorating the 15th anniversary of Toboso Yana's serialization of "Black Butler"! The book contains over 120 illustrations from Black Butler's "Boarding School version, "Green Witch version", and the TV anime "Circus" version, as well as tributes to other works. Comes in a gorgeous green ribbon binding.

黒執事 枢やな画集 3 / 枢やな/著
燦然やか過ぎる"黒"。『黒執事』の枢やな、連載15周年記念サード画集!! 『黒執事』〈寄宿学校編〉・〈緑の魔女編〉・TVアニメ「サーカス編」のイラストを中心に、他作品のトリビュートを含む120点以上を収録。緑のリボンで綴じる豪華装丁で登場。枢美学を灼き付けて――。


As with the first two volumes in this series, the Black Butler Art Book 3 contains a stunning collection of artwork from Toboso Yana.  This book focuses mainly on three story arcs, but also includes a few other pieces for particular events etc. I love the story and characters of the Black Butler manga, but the art style is also a big draw for me, so these art books are a must-buy item on my list. This new volume is certain to please Toboso Yana's fans.

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