Wednesday 19 January 2022

TV Review: Doctor John (Medical Drama)

Doctor John
16 episodes
Ji Seong, Lee Se-yoeng
Medical Drama

Unable to feel pain within his own body but skilled at diagnosing others, a pain management doctor stands up for his philosophy on life and death. (Netflix Synopsis)

Doctor John was an intriguing drama that ended up going in a completely different direction from what I'd expected based on the opening episode. Although it started fairly lightly, with plenty of humour, it quickly became more serious, focusing on themes like euthanasia and making choices between life and death. There was a strong romance plot line, too, but this ran alongside the main story, never overtaking it. The main characters all had interesting arcs, and the performances from those actors were strong throughout. There were many emotional moments towards the end, so I got through a few tissues! I am not into medical dramas that much and really only chose to watch this one because Ji Seong had the main role (as he's a new favourite actor of mine), but in the end I enjoyed it and found it thought-provoking, so I am giving it 4.5 stars.

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