Tuesday 15 February 2022

Film Review: Love and Leashes (Rom-Com)

Love and Leashes (모럴센스)
Park Hyeon-jin (Director)
Seohyun, Lee Jun-Yeong

Love never hurt so good for two co-workers who enter a contractual relationship as partners in consensual play, pleasure and pain. (Netflix Synopsis)

With a film like Love and Leashes, you generally have to accept going in that the BDSM portrayal will not be 100% accurate, and it's not. However, I think the light in which they presented it was essentially fine, and the film overall was sweet, funny and enjoyable. The two leads came across well, and there were plenty of memorable moments. It's perhaps not a film I would go back to again and again, but it made an amusing Valentine's Day watch and is worth checking out if you enjoy quirky rom-coms. It gets 4 stars from me.

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