Tuesday 1 February 2022

TV Review: Familiar Wife (아는 와이프) - Rom-Com/Fantasy Drama

Familiar Wife (아는 와이프)
16 episodes
Ji Seong, Han, Ji-min
Rom-Com/Fantasy Drama

After receiving a bizarre chance to go back in time, a man wakes up to find that his whole life — including the person he married — is different. (Netflix Synopsis)

Having loved Ji Seong in The Devil Judge and Doctor John, I am working through some of his other dramas available on Netflix and Viki. Next up was Familiar Wife. This 2018 romance fantasy drama features plenty of humour and fun. However, underneath that there are deeper messages about how both parties need to work on relationships if they are going to survive, and how the grass may look greener on the other side of the fence, but that's not always the case once you climb over. Ji Seong and Han Ji-min both give compelling performances, ably assisted by a memorable group of core secondary characters. The ending was pleasing overall, even if the final episode felt a little anti-climatic, with all the main action resolved in the previous one. Recommended for fans of humorous romantic drama with a fantasy twist. It gets 4.5 stars from me.

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