Wednesday 20 April 2022

Film Review: Dust-Man (2021) (Drama)

Dust-Man (더스트맨)
Kim Na-kyung (Director)
Woo Ji-hyeon, Shim Dal-gi
SBS on Demand

Tay-san, a young homeless man in Seoul, starts to make a series of illustrations over dusty surfaces, which gradually reveals his past trauma. (Synopsis)

Dust-Man was a quiet, thoughtful drama with a dream-like quality. I liked the way the truth about Tay-san's background was slowly revealed through his dust drawings and his interactions with another young artist. Once or twice I wished the pacing was a little faster, but it wasn't a major issue, and the story and characters held my interest throughout. This is not a film in which a lot 'happens', but it is a wonderful character-study piece and I appreciated the way Tay-san gradually came to terms with his past through his art. It gets four stars from me.

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