Wednesday 13 April 2022

Film Review: Midnight (2021) (Thriller)

Midnight (미드나이트)
Kwon Oh-seung (Director)
Jin Ki-joo, Wi Ha-joon
SBS On Demand

After witnessing a serial killer committing a murder, sign language counsellor Kyeong-mi becomes the new target of the psychopathic killer. (Synopsis)

Midnight was a mostly entertaining thriller. I've seen some reviews complaining about the characters' decisions at times, and, yes, there were moments when perhaps they could have done things differently; however, that is the case in most thrillers/horror films. Also, I think that, in this case, it reflected the communication problems the deaf-mute protagonist was facing, where she kept trying to expose the killer/the danger, but those around her didn't understand. For me, that added an interesting dynamic to what was otherwise a trope-following narrative. This isn't a movie that will stay with me for years or that I'd rush to re-watch, but if you enjoy serial killer-thrillers, then it's definitely worth taking a look. It gets four stars from me.

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