Tuesday 31 May 2022

TV Review: Dramaworld (2016 + 2021) (Comedy-Drama)

2016 + 2021
13 episodes
Justin Chon, Liv Hewson, Sean Dulake
SBS on Demand

Korean TV drama super-fan Claire finds herself transported to a realm where she has the power to alter the show's storyline. (Synopsis)

I have been a K-drama fan for over two years now, so naturally I was drawn to a show about a fan who gets sucked into her favourite drama. Dramaworld has a lot going for it. It's a tongue-in-the-cheek homage to K-drama featuring all the usual tropes and many little nudge-wink references to scenes from well-known dramas. It's over the top and great fun. The way SBS on Demand have presented the show involved combining seasons 1 and 2 into 13 episodes. I found the characters and storyline enjoyable and was having a wonderful time until the final episode. A happy ending is a major K-drama rule, so I was perturbed when this show ended right in the middle of the action without any resolution. I hope that means a new season is coming, because otherwise it's a real let down to have it end that way. I recommend it for K-drama fans, but bear in mind that the ending, as it currently stands, will leave you frustrated. Because of that, it gets 4 stars from me.

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