Monday 13 June 2022

TV Review: Black Spot S2 (2019) (Supernatural Thriller)

Black Spot S2 (Zone Blanche)
8 episodes
Suliane Brahim, Hubert Delattre, Laurent Capelluto
Supernatural Thriller

A police chief and an eccentric new prosecutor investigate a string of grisly crimes and eerie phenomena in an isolated town at the edge of a forest. (Synopsis)

I still struggle to decide what to think/how to feel about Black Spot. When my husband and I started watching season 2 last week, I could only faintly recall season 1, which wasn't a good start. It did come back to me as we got through the first couple of episodes, but even then, this show just seemed to meander. Some episodes were so slow my attention drifted to my phone or my bullet journal. Was it a supernatural series or just a small-town murder mystery? It didn't seem to know most of the time. None of the characters caught my interest to any major extent. I only kept watching because I hate to abandon things halfway through, and because I hoped all might become clear by the finale. I love French films, but I think French TV shows are not for me. The few I've watched have all been plodding and dull. The only plus is the French listening practice. I am giving this show 2.5 stars. I will round up to a three for an interesting premise, but the execution was lacking.

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