Saturday 25 June 2022

TV Review: The Nokdu Flower (2019) (Historical Drama)

The Nokdu Flower (녹두꽃)
24 episodes
Cho Jung-seok, Yoon Si-yoon, Han Ye-ri
Historical Drama

As a peasant revolution for equality brews in 19th-century Joseon, two half-brothers fight for their beliefs on opposite sides of the conflict. (Synopsis)

The Nokdu Flower was a captivating historical drama. I loved the way real events wove seamlessly through the narrative, and the characters were well rounded and engaging, so I really got behind them from start to finish, especially the two half-brothers who both had intriguing personal development arcs. At 24 episodes, this series is on the longer side, yet it never dragged, and I think it will appeal to any fans of Korean historical drama. It gets 4.5 stars from me, which I will round up to a five.

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