Tuesday 2 August 2022

Sketching: Psychopath Diary (Seo In-woo & Yook Dong-sik)

A sketch of Seo In-woo (Park Sung-hoon) and Yook Dong-sik (Yoon Shi-yoon) in the 2019 K-drama Psychopath Diary (aka my current favourite thing in the world).

Drawn over approx 6.5 hours with pencils H, 2B. 3B & 5B. This is a photograph of the finished drawing. Photo levels fixed in GIMP; otherwise as drawn.

I have recently switched from PS to GIMP and am still not used to the new software. While playing to correct the levels in the photo, I came across this red tinge and decided to save a copy like this too, as it looked cool (at least I thought so) and seemed to fit the show.


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