Monday 29 August 2022

TV Review: Where Your Eyes Linger (2020) (BL - Contemporary)

Where Your Eyes Linger (너의 시선이 머무는 곳에)
8 episodes
Han Gi Chan, Jang Eui Soo
BL - Contemporary

A chaebol heir to the TB Group and his bodyguard develop a close relationship. (Synopsis)

Where Your Eyes Linger was such a lovely BL drama that instead of watching it over three days, as I'd first planned, I binged it all in one day. The plot was compelling; meanwhile, the two leads had good chemistry (even if their kisses seemed a little hesitant) and both gave great performances. The pacing was good and the ending pleasing, and it gets 4.5 stars from me. Definitely recommended to fans of contemporary BL web series.

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