Tuesday 6 September 2022

Film Review: Tinted with You (Fantasy-Historical BL) (2022)

Tinted with You (물들여)
Ra Ha-na (Director)
Jun, Yuu Hyun-woo
Fantasy-Historical Romance

Deposed Joseon Crown Prince Lee Heon has been forced into a exile by his cruel older brother who has usurped the throne. He fears for his life at every moment, as his brother plans to secure his royal seat by killing him. Meanwhile, in modern times, when high school student Eun Ho is tasked with completing a mysterious painting, he is unexpectedly drawn back into the past, where he meets Lee Heon, and the two start to form a close bond. (Synopsis)

Tinted with You was a sweet little BL film. It is the movie version of the eight-part TV series, running at 90 mins. This was very much a slow-burn piece, but I still found the plot compelling. I would have liked a little more chemistry between the leads, but they looked good together, and who wouldn't love cute BL kiss scenes with the characters in hanbok? If you like historical costumes, beautiful scenery and a sweet storyline, this film (or series) is worth checking out. It gets 4 stars from me.

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